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Do you know about Clara yet?

Are you watching Great Depression Cooking yet? It’s an amateur series on YouTube featuring delightful 91-year-old grandma Clara Cannucciari. Filmed in her own kitchen by her grandson, Clara shows us youngins how to make delicious and nutritious dinners on a dime, good lessons for lean times.

But it’s not so much about the recipes as it is about spending time with this sweet, irrepressible, and wise lady. (It’s especially nice if your own Italian grandmas — and your mom — happen to be in heaven).

Here’s the first episode in which Clara makes pasta and peas:

Don’t you love her? I’m going to watch them all.

M. Ward’s “Let’s Dance”

Thanks to Idolator:

Someone on YouTube made this mash-up of the audio of M. Ward‘s cover of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” with footage of from the original video.

M. Ward is not only an interesting solo performer, he’s the less foxy half (just my opinion!) of She and Him.

David after the dentist

Via Jezebel:

This is hilarious. Some amused father filmed his 7-year-old son David while he was still doped up from a visit to the dentist. David’s quotes about feeling “funny” are precious.

David doesn’t like the funny feeling. “Is this gonna be forever?” he asks Dad.

Isn’t it nice to be reminded of a time in our lives when playtime offered us the only “escape” we needed? Bring back playtime!

Best of luck to David. Be careful chewing, little man.

Rat + cat = a love story

Look how precious, this little rat is obsessed with this kitty cat:

I love it!

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