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Did you celebrate Yoko Ono’s birthday?

I didn’t post yesterday but if I had I would have made a great big freaking deal out of my girl Yoko Ono‘s 76th birthday!


Happy Birthday, Yoko!

Yoko Ono wants D.C. to ‘Imagine Peace’

Avant garde musician, artist and life-long anti-war activist Yoko Ono has seized the moment of hope that the Obama administration brings to the nation’s capitol and erected this “Imagine Peace” sign on on a building at 6th and K St. N.W. in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Washington D.C.


Of course, D.C.’ers, being uptight joyless people, are busying themselves wondering how much Yoko paid for the sign and if it’s technically a billboard, which would be illegal in D.C..

You may invite 5 people to Thanksgiving

Who are they?

Alive or dead.


Preferably real people, not, like, Bert and Ernie (beside, Ernie would come to my house if given his druthers).

Let’s make this easy and say we are already allowed to bring our friends and family and loved ones.

I just want to know which famous people, or people in history, you would most like to share your holiday meal with you.

It’s interesting to wonder who out of the people we admire would make good dinner guests. I’ll forgo Woody Allen and Lester Bangs and Jean-Michel Basquiat because, frankly, I think they would make lousy guests. Andy Warhol? Nah.

My list:
1. Buddha


2. Richard Pryor


3. Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono Lennon

4. Brian Eno


5. John Cage


This will all change by next week. (Well, not, I suspect, Buddha and Richard).

Who’s on your list?

Yoko Ono: perennially cool

Via Jezebel: Here is 75-year-old hipster Yoko Ono posing today in New York:

I’m an Ono enthusiast. I love her art, her music, and her personality. I’m one of the few, the proud, the people who own Onobox.

The highlights of my music critic career were four interviews with Yoko – and having her send me gifts after each one.

Artists: Make a formula for the 21st Century

London art museum curator Hans Ulrich Obrist is obsessed with formulas and as such he has been for 15 years asking some of the most influential artists and thinkers today – including Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono and Brian Eno – to come up with a “formula for the 21st Century.”

The Independent reports on Obrist’s project, which has led to his new book, Formulas For Now, featuring more than 100 of the responses he received.

Here are a few of them (Click to enlarge any of them):

Damien Hirst:

JG Ballard:

Yoko Ono:

Gilbert + George:

Brian Eno:

Keith Tyson:

Tacita Dean:

Cao Fei:

Which one do you think works? What would be your formula to live succesfully in the 21st century?

Annie Leibovitz and the naked Jonas Brothers

I think the planet has finally recovered from the shock of seeing Miley Cyrus‘s naked tween shoulder in the pages of Vanity Fair. I want to go on the record as saying I was not appalled. I wasn’t even all that surprised considering we knew ahead of time that famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz was going to be behind the lens.

Leibovitz loves nudity. She’s made many of her photographic subjects drop trou. Have you ever seen her pics of John and Yoko? How about David Cassidy?

Talk about shocking the tween set. I wonder how many 13-year-olds in 1972 went out and bought a copy of Rolling Stone. Then, promptly tossed out the pages inside because it was all hippie commentary on President Nixon and Deep Purple record reviews.

Leibovitz had Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley pose nude together in many a men’s fantasy on VF’s cover two years ago.

Don’t forget the knocked-up, naked Demi Moore cover.

Leibowitz also photographed Whoopi Goldberg naked in a bath of milk and Sting naked and caked in mud.

 Clearly, Leibovitz won’t stop until she’s photographed everyone in America naked. She should put together a reality show where people compete to be her next nudey muse. I’d say we could let America vote, but you know we would end up seeing the Jonas Brothers without clothes on and then I’d  have a reason to complain. Why are young girls in love with those three? Those were the kind of kids in my school who got beat up or called any sort of epithet that meant homosexual. The poufy hair, the skinny ties. That kid with the big eyebrows who wears an ascot. Who does he think he is, Fred from Scooby Doo? 

Of course, when I was a kid I was in love with Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, a man who wore more make-up than my mother. Why didn’t Leibovitz ever photograph the men of Duran Duran naked? Or any of my New Wave favorites. Would they have had to wash off their eyeliner?

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