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Photo op! Four former presidents with Obama

Two hilllbillies, a black guy, and George Bush walk into a bar….


It’s actually the Oval Office. But there’s a joke in here somewhere.

Check out Bubba, the only one looking right into the camera. Way to keep it about you, Bill.

The White House Hanukkah invite gaffe

Several news outlets are reporting that the White House this week sent invitations to leaders in the Jewish community for an upcoming Hanukkah celebration.


The only problem is, the cards feature an image of a Clydesdale horse approaching the White House, drawing a wagon with a gigantic Christmas tree in it! If you look closely at the wagon, the words “”White House Christmas Tree 2008” are written on it. (The White House, too, has a Christmas wreath on the door).

Laura Bush‘s spokeswoman Sally McDonough, explained that the in the Bush’s hecti final days in the White House, there has been an oversight:

“Mrs. Bush is apologetic,” she said. “It is something that just slipped through the cracks.”

Sounds like her husband’s entire presidency.

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