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Something weird about the Germs

Don’t you think this is kind of bizarre? Three-fourths of the original Germs, the Los Angeles punk band that broke up in 1980 when lead singer Darby Crash committed suicide – are playing gigs in L.A. with Shane West as their vocalist.

Yes, Shane West, the former ER actor who portrays Crash in the new biopic about the band What We Do Is Secret. I understand it’s a publicity stunt to market the film, but gee whiz.

A writer for the L.A.-based web site Defamer reports:

“(T)hey didn’t suck. In fact, they are probably better now than during their heyday in the sense that they can actually play their instruments and they are able to finish an hour-and-a-half set without destroying the entire venue, falling down from abusing too many substances or bleeding profusely on stage.”

When then you, sir, were not at a Germs show!

What’s next? Joy Division plays gigs with the fake Ian Curtis from Closer? Val Kilmer tours with the remaining Doors? Sissy Spacek pushes Loretta Lynn off the stage to sing her songs at the state fair?

It’s just weird.

Here’s the real Darby Crash, courtesy of Jenny Lens’ invaluable Punk Archive.

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