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Everyone is obsessed with Sarah Palin

Has it really been only five days since John McCain announced Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate?

What have we learned about this heretofore relatively anonymous woman?

1. She doesn’t want women to have abortion as a choice. She wants all women to have babies every time they get pregnant.
2. She’s against the gays marrying.
3. She likes guns.
4. She thinks hunting the endangered bears is just fine. (In fact, she denies they are endangered).
5. She’s all for drilling the shit out of Alaska to get oil.
6. Her husband works for the oil industry.
7. She thinks banning books is okay.
8. Her 17-year-old is knocked up and marrying the kid who got her that way.
9. She may have gotten her sister’s ex-husband fired from his job as a state trooper.
10. She names her children for subjects in school. (Well, one of them is more an elective).
11. Her own mother-in-law may not vote for her.
12. The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck endorses her. (Though she probably wouldn’t if Palin were a BLACK woman with five kids, a pregnant teen-age daughter, and a house full of guns.)

Are GOP folks charmed by this Backwoods Barbie?

Your thoughts?

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