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The Sugarcubes “Birthday” video (1987)

Because it’s my birthday, I got to thinking last night about all the wonderful rock ‘n’ roll songs about birthdays: Altered Images “Happy Birthday, The Beatles “Birthday,” Concrete Blonde‘s “Happy Birthday,” and the weird and wonderful “Birthday” by The Sugarcubes.

I dug up the “Birthday” video (the English version) on YouTube and thought I would share. I was a big Sugarcubes fan back in the mid-1980s and this video reminds me why. No one ever, before or after the band, sounded like The Sugarcubes. Led, of course, by Icelandic wunderkind Bjork, The Sugarcubes released the superb 1988 debut album Life’s Too Good and it blew my mind with its originality.

Here’s “Birthday”:

That crazy percussion! The woozy horns. What a song!

What other songs about birthdays can you think of? Or, if you would like to share your thoughts about The Sugarcubes, that’s cool, too.

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