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My new (old) Roz Chast book

Yesterday I found this old Roz Chast book of comics at the Cleveland Park branch library book sale for just 10 cents! 10 cents!


Remember: Roz will be giving a talk about fellow New Yorker cartoonist Charles Addams April 26 here in D.C. as part of the Smithsonian American Arts Museum’s “American Pictures Distinguished Lecture Series.”

Who’s going? I’ll be there.

Alec Baldwin’s classical music dreams come true

The New York Post‘s Page 6 is reporting that Alec Baldwin has been tapped to be the new host of the New York Philharmonic’s nationally broadcasted radio program.


In an extensive interview with The New Yorker last year, Baldwin said that his “dream job” would be the host of a classical music program. A Philharmonic staffer read the interview and wheels were sent into motion.

Congratulations, Alec!

Cover of ‘The New Yorker’ this week:

Stewart and Colbert spoof ‘New Yorker’ cover

Funny fellows Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert used this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly to parody that freaky New Yorker cover a few months, which was itself a parody – except not funny. Check it out:

True story: I once went to a taping of Stewart’s old chat show – The Jon Stewart Show – and his guest that day was Sylvester Stallone. The important part though was that Jon singled me out before the show when he was working the crowd with jokes to get them pumped for the taping.

I had crutches with me and when Jon asked me how I got them, I told him how I had recently rear-ended a car. He interrupted my story to make some juvenile innuendo around the word “rear-ended” and I got flustered – I had been taking a lot of pain meds – so I yelled at him.

Yes, I screamed, “Listen, Jon!” and he acted stunned. Then he did a funny pseudo scared bit and crouched next to his desk hiding from me.

It was my special moment with Jon Stewart (and my friends Helen and Rommie, who were there, and can vouch for me that his happened and it wasn’t the Perocet).

Alec Baldwin: ‘Why me?’ in the New Yorker

There are so many reasons to love Alec Baldwin. He’s smart, he’s sexy, he’s a great actor and hilariously funny – watch one episode of 30 Rock and try not to laugh out loud, especially in scenes like this one, which I still refer to as “the funniest three minutes of television ever”:

Not to mention Alec’s many hilarious turns as guest host of Saturday Night Live. I’ve been a fan since Beetlejuice in the late 1980s.

It’s interesting to note that Alec’s a vegetarian and an animal activist, proving underneath all that hot-headed cynicism, he’s a softy who gets it.

I don’t know what went down between Alec and ex-wife Kim Basinger. Or what happened to instigate that infamous phone rant to his kid. But, if you were shocked by that, you should have spent a weekend at my family home. I would have happily swapped some of the inappropriate epithets my parents and I traded for just one “thoughtless little pig.” (What can I say? My family let it all hang out.)

Anyway, Alec is profiled with a lengthy interview in this month’s New Yorker. You can read it here. It’s a fascinating study of a restless and creative man at mid-life. Alec rhapsodizes on careers he might have had, speculates on what the future holds. He recalls his father’s strict discipline, and, naturally, he discussed his new book chronicling his intense and long legal fight with Basinger. (There had to be some reason press-hating Alec endured an interview). A great read.

I know Alec polarizes people, so whether you love the guy or think he’s an arrogant blowhard, let me know your thoughts.

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