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Iggy Pop’s car insurance company: no musicians

Remember when we bitched about Iggy Pop‘s British car insurance commercial for Swiftcover?


It gets better.

Now The Guardian is reporting that IRL Swiftcover doesn’t insure musicians. Naturally, when some musicians were recently denied coverage by Swiftcover, they were flummoxed by the hypocrisy of the company’s having the 61-year-old Godather of Punk as its spokesperson. Some were so incensed, they enlisted the help of the Advertising Standards Authority whose spokesperson issued this statement:

“We have received 12 complaints and we are formally investigating those complaints. They have challenged whether it is misleading to suggest Iggy Pop has insurance with swiftcover because its website states that those who work in entertainment cannot take out a car insurance policy with that insurer.”

Why do they have Iggy Pop as their spokesperson if they don’t cover musicians?

The company’s response?

Tina Shortle, marketing director of, said Iggy Pop had been chosen as the face of its advertising “because he loves life, not because he is a musician. He is an actor demonstrating the benefits of”

Iggy’s shirtless in the commercial. In full-on Iggy stage mode. Isn’t there some old Stooges road story about Iggy crashing their tour bus into an overpass?

Of all the weird things Iggy Pop has done, this is the weirdest

For the love of god, Jim.

If you want to be our dog, acting as Swiftcover’s bitch is not the way to do it!

Next thing you know, Johnny Rotten will be making TV commercials!

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