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Yeah Yeah Yeahs on ‘SNL’

Watch the videos before NBC brass takes them off YouTube:

Here’s “Zero”:

and that old chestnut “Maps”

Karen O. = god. (Probably not appropriate to say on Easter, but so be it).

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are performing again Tuesday (4/14) on Letterman and and Wednesday (4/15) on Jimmy Fallon‘s show.

My weekend’s misstep: the “Wii Guys” SNL sketch

One crummy thing happened during my great weekend. Yes, I’m talking about watching that lousy Saturday Night Live “Wii guys” sketch featuring host Alec Baldwin making unfortunate masturbatory hand gestures.


Here’s the clip. It’s so awful. Makes me long for the days of “Canteen Boy and the Scout Master.”

Attention Maya Rudolph fans

If you’ve been watching Saturday Night Live for years, as I have, you know not many cast members match the comic genius that is Maya Rudolph. So, here’s a bit of gossip I just heard: Ms. Rudolph is making a special appearance on SNL this Saturday night.

Looks like Maya has been rehearsing to play Michelle Obama. This is great news, but it’s also very telling in two ways. (1) Didn’t last night’s special Thursday version of SNL bring back old cast members, too? Not just Tina Fey-as-Sarah Palin, but Will Ferrell, too. It’s not saying much for the current cast members, none of whom make me laugh – with the obvious exception of zany Kristen Wiig.

Is Lorne Michaels panicking? Maybe SNL should have a reality series where American can pick the cast members. We can’t do worse than his people do.

And, number (2) Maybe have more than one woman of color involved with SNL so you don’t have to keep tracking down Maya to play every black woman that’s ever been in the news.

Your thoughts?

Sarah Palin on ‘SNL’ brings the viewers

Last Saturday night’s episode of Saturday Night Live with its special appearance by Alaska governor/vice presidential contendor Sarah Palin earned SNL‘s highest ratings in 14 years.

This photo documents the split second that Palin and her imitator Tina Fey appeared onscreen together last Saturday night. Palin did not attend the SNL after party.

Sarah Palin makes cover of ‘Tales From The Crypt’

Sarah Palin has already outdone her guest spot on Saturday Night Live by being featured (in cartoon form) on the cover of the new Tales From the Crypt comic:

I’m pretty sure that’s the first time a VP candidate made the cover.

Jim Salicrup, editor of Papercutz, the publishing house that revived the comic a year and a half ago, told the Los Angeles Times Palin made the cover because of her stance on book banning. Comics folks don’t take kindly to First Amendment violations.

Monday morning catch-up

Hello, cuties. I’m sorry I haven’t been hanging out with you the last few days. We’re having our friend Stacy visit from Florida and I’ve also had a lot of writing to do (for work). But, let me get you up to speed. Three things:

(1) On Saturday we spent the day in Baltimore and I fell in love so much with Hampden, its little bohemian area that immediately when we got home, I started looking at apartment ads on Craigslist. Of course, if we moved there, my lady friend would have to take the train into Union Station in Washington D.C. every morning for work, which would take between one and two hours and then she would have to do it again to come home every evening. It’s kind of a lot to ask for one of my admittedly frequent, curious whims. Anyway, Stacy took this picture of me at Edgar Allan Poe‘s grave:

(2) Weren’t you totally freaked out that both Alec Baldwin and Sarah Palin made cameos on Saturday Night Live? I mean, Alec hates her. And he had to do that little cutesy exchange with her. Frankly, I was surprised he agreed to it, but I guess his compromise was not learning the lines and flatly reading them off the cue card – something I have never seen Alec do in his many times as guest host on the show. Anyway, any reservations or icky feelings I was having at the start of the show were obliterated by Amy Poehler‘s Emmy worthy rap during the Weeked Update.

Also: Palin has great television presence. It’s too bad she pimps Fascism in real life.

(3) Go, Devil Rays! I want to congratulate the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for winning last night’s game and becoming a contender in this year’s World Series. I have to admit, either way I would have been happy with the results of last night’s game. Because I spent my childhood in Western Massachusetts, I also have a soft spot for the Boston Red Sox. But, I am hardwired to root for the underdog, and that’s certainly always been the Devil Rays. “Worst to first.” Seems to be a refrain for the sports teams in that area.

I might add: I do think it’s moronic that the team’s handlers felt pressure to eliminate the Devil in their name. It’s the name of a sea animal, people. Again, only in Florida.

Hope your week starts out perfectly.

Tina Fey: If Palin wins, “I’m done”

Tina Fey has been garnering big laughs with her terrific Sarah Palin sketches on Saturday Night Live, but Fey’s got her own show to worry about now.

With 30 Rock‘s season premiere the week before the presidential election, Fey has vowed to the New York Daily News that if the McCain-Palin ticket wins, she can’t continue the bit:

“We’re gonna take it week by week. If she wins, I’m done. I can’t do that for four years,” Fey told the magazine. “And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

You and me both, sister.

Tina Fey mocks Sarah Palin

Last Saturday’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live hosted by super swimmer/comic dud Michael Phelps contained exactly one gem and it was in the show’s first five minutes.

I trust by now you’ve seen Tina Fey‘s uproarious imitation of Alaska governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin?

Tina was joined by a very pregnant Amy Poehler as Hilary Clinton. Both were terrific and their mock speech about sexism in the election was achingly funny.

If you haven’t seen it, you need to. I can’t post it, but I can steer you here.

Sassiest Boys In America: Where are they now?

My friend Conner, who really is the Sassiest Boy in America – go to his band's myspace page and get acquainted – made me remember the feature in the great Sassy magazine that selected each winter’s “Sassiest Boy In America.”

Sassy was edited by Jane Pratt (who went on to form the less edgy Jane). It delighted hipster teens from 1988-1996 because it was chock full of independent spirit: great writing championing indie bands (with its “Cute Band Alert,” which wasn’t always boy bands), interviews with youth culture’s movers and shakers, awesome features and feminist commentary on a yucky mainstream.

The magazine discovered fashionista Chloe Sevigny and made her one of its interns, which Sevigny parlayed into a stint as an It Girl and later a successful acting career. Sassy was also famously spoofed by Phil Hartman in a recurring Saturday Night Live sketch.

Each winter, the magazine selected the Sassiest Boy In America. I thought it might be fun to remember some of the winners and find out what they’ve been doing recently. The only probem is I’m searching all over the place and having the darnedest time finding out the identities of those super sassy boys.

One thing’s for certain: the first and most famous Sassiest Boy In America in 1991 was Ian Svenonius, leader of Washignton D.C. band Nation of Ulysses.

Svenonius went on to front the popular indie band the Make-Up and more recently Weird War. He’s also an author – The Psychic Soviet, his book of essays was published in 2006 – a DJ and a talk show host. Here’s a more recent pic:

Help! Who were the other Sassiest Boys In America?

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