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The last days of David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace was one of the greatest writers I’ve ever read (not to mention a gigantic influence on my fiction). He’s easily among the best, if not the best, writers of the modern era. Everyone I know who likes books was stunned when DFW hanged himself two weeks ago.

Seems every literary writer, blogger and artsy person has paid tribute to DFW since his suicide, many speculating on the depression he had hinted at in the past.

Salon has a great piece today called “The Last Days of David Foster Wallace” featuring actual real information from the people in DFW’s life, including his parents and friends. Turns out, DFW had been clinically depressed for two decades.

If you’re a DFW fan, or just a person who finds other people’s debilitating depressions interesting, it’s worth a read.

Also: if you’re struggling with being left behind by a loved one’s suicide, I recommend Touched By Suicide: Hope and Healing After Loss by Micheal F. Myers, M.D and Carla Fine. It helped me grapple with the loss of this asshole.

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