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Look at creepy Rod Blagojevich signing that nice young Democratic woman’s chest

Via Valleywag:

Here’s a photo of fallen Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich signing the flesh of a hot young democrat in a photo from last September.


You gotta appreciate Rod’s reckless disregard for tact and ethics. Wouldn’t it be funny if we learned it was his idea and not hers?

Have you ordered your ‘Yes We Can’ cookies yet?

Max and Benny’s Restaurant, Deli and Bakery in Illinois is offering these tasty, patriotic “Yes We Can” cookies in the shape of our new president’s head. Look, it’s Barack Obama:


Here’s another option, Barry in a fancy top hat:


You can also order these hand-decorated cookies in the likeness of First Lady Michelle Obama:


Our Vice President Joe Biden:


the nation’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln:


and this very special “Lil’ Blago” cookie in the fluffy-haired form of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich:


Which other political or historical figures would you like to see in cookie form?

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