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A Rachel Maddow ‘Vogue’ sneak preview

Gawker published this photo of our beloved Rachel Maddow as she appears in an upcoming Vogue magazine.


Converse sneakers, Jil Sander suit and retro frames. Nice.

Wanna read the feature about her and a few other influential news women? Click here.

Rachel Maddow – or Jay-Z?

Okay, ready? Because I’m only going to do this once.

This is Jay-Z:


This is Rachel Maddow:




Rachel Maddow:


Got it?

Yep. Okay, lemme see, Michael Phelps?


No, that’s Rachel Maddow.

Oh, shoot! Okay…Rachel Maddow?:


Actually, no, that’s Ira Glass.

Rachel Maddow NYT interview

(Photo swiped off the New York Times web site.)

(Photo swiped off the New York Times web site.)

Here’s the New York Times interview with Rachel. The interview is a Q&A and, naturally, Rachel’s answers are pretty awesome. Her last big purchase? A chimney for her and her partner’s home in Massachusetts.

She rules, right?

Rachel Maddow on ‘The Tonight Show’ last night

Delightful, whip-smart MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was one of Jay Leno‘s guests last night on The Tonight Show. I love the fact that Rachel is so comfortable in her skin, she wears her everyday dykey clothes and nerd frames to be a guest on a talk show. Rachel rocks!

Interesting fact: Rachel was the first openly gay American to ever win a Rhodes scholarship.

Let me hear from the Rachel Maddow fans. What is it you like about her?

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