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Ellen interviews Portia: today!

Every gay girl in the world has been counting down the days. It’s here, finally! Ellen De Generes will interview her wife Portia De Rossi on The Ellen Show today. Here is a preview:

It airs here in D.C. at 2pm.

The ‘Arrested Development’ movie is happening!

The folks at E! are reporting that the nutty Bluths will reunite for a feature length film.


The article reads:

“Yes, it’s a go,” an Arrested castmember who asked not to be named tells me. “We’re all very excited. And it will happen with or without the holdout.”

Wait a minute…The holdout? Yes, I’m also told exclusively by multiple sources that one of the show’s original castmembers has not signed on to the movie…

“Yeah, [he or she] might not do it,” an actor says of this costar. “However, I do know that we will do the project with or without [him or her].”

So, Michael Cera didn't want to do it? Ungrateful little f*ck. He was no one before he was George Michael.

No matter, are you as psyched as me? I love this family.

Ellen is now on our team!

No, silly, I mean Ellen DeGeneres has gone full-fledge vegan! Ellen credits reading the book Skinny Bitch for helping her come to her decision. (Funny, my girlfriend says the same thing.) Here’s the scoop.

I knew something was up when I heard she and Portia had all vegan food at their wedding. Bravo! And welcome.

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