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Philip Glass to write opera about Walt Disney

If you haven’t seen Glass: A Portrait of Philip in 12 Parts, Scott Hick’s fascinating documentary about minimalist composer Philip Glass, you should. The film is a tender and playful examination of the prolific Glass coming to terms with his age – he turned 70 in 2007 – and his mortality.

The film also shines some bright light on Glass’s delicate marriage to Holly Gritchlow, his fourth wife and the mother of his two toddler-age boys. In short: Holly made it clear to the film’s producers that Glass’s workaholic ways were testing his ties to his new, young family. In turn, Glass tells the film makers that he is working as fast as he can to produce all the work that’s in his head before his time runs out.

So, after seeing how precarious his home life had become, I was interested to hear that Glass is sticking to his guns and taking on more challenges. He recently signed on with the New York City Opera to write an opera about the life of American cartoonist and entrepreneur Walt Disney.

The opera will be based on the Peter Stephan Jungk‘s book The Perfect American, a fictional account of Disney’s last days as seen through the eyes of an Austrian cartoonist who works for him.

The opera is expected to coincide with Glass’ 75th birthday in 2012.

Paul Slocum’s “You’re Not My Father”

Artist Paul Slocum created this video collage in 2007 for Networked_Music_Review. Slocum looped the same scene from television’s Full House played by a variety of amateur actors. The piece, perhaps inspired by the minimalist compositions of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, features drone music in the form of guitar and oboe. Enjoy!

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