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Patti Smith on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”

Who knew the Godmother of Punk was Detective Bobby Goren’s pal? Here’s Patti Smith a few weeks ago on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. She plays a Columbia University classics professor trying to help Bobby solve a mythological murder.

Not bad, huh? In the New York Times recently Patti explained how her L&O guest spot happened.

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson quote

A great Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson quote courtesy of today’s New York Times profile:


“We’re the only animal who gets to choose what we eat, so we can choose to do what’s humane and also much healthier.”

Estelle Bennett of the Ronettes has died

Estelle Bennett, one of the three great ladies that comprised legendary 1960s girl group The Ronettes, died Wednesday. Her sister Ronnie Bennett (later Ronnie Spector) was the group’s lead singer. Estelle and cousin Nedra Talley sang back up on the group’s songs including the hit “Be My Baby.” She was 67.

(L-R) Ronnie Bennett, Nedra Talley, Estelle Bennett

(L-R) Ronnie Bennett, Nedra Talley, Estelle Bennett

Ronnie Spector acknowledged her sister’s death with a personal message on her web site. UPDATE: Here’s a New York Times article about Estelle. It’s heartbreaking. What a tragic, awful life. I had no idea.

Justice for Ruth Bader Ginsburg – at last

I saw this on Gawker, but thought you would enjoy. This is a correction the New York Times ran today regarding Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘s name:

It takes a bold newspaper to admit its been screwing up someone’s name for two decades. Bold – and crappy.

Rachel Maddow NYT interview

(Photo swiped off the New York Times web site.)

(Photo swiped off the New York Times web site.)

Here’s the New York Times interview with Rachel. The interview is a Q&A and, naturally, Rachel’s answers are pretty awesome. Her last big purchase? A chimney for her and her partner’s home in Massachusetts.

She rules, right?

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