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“The Eyes Of The World Are On Canada” seal slaughter protest

Join my friends and me this Sunday in New York City for a spirited protest against the annual seal slaughter in Canada. The event is being dubbed “The Eyes of The World Are On Canada” and it happens from 1-4 p.m. Sunday March 15 at the Canadian Consulate General, 1251 Avenue of the Americas (Concourse Level).


Read more about the event and Canada’s annual seal slaughter here.

Nick Zinner’s photographs

Most fans of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs know the band’s guitarist Nick Zinner moonlights as a photographer when on tour with band mates Karen O. and Brian Chase.

Zinner has an exhibit right now called It’s OK, Don’t Look At the Road at Fuse Gallery in New York. I swiped these pics from the gallery’s web site. (Click to enlarge):

Okay, so, what do you think? Does Nick’s stuff belong in a gallery?

Richard Kern’s ‘You Killed Me First’

Anyone who owns a copy of Sonic Youth‘s Evol has seen a bit of Richard Kern‘s art. You might even recognize the chick in the video below. She’s Elizabeth Carr, who goes by the name Lung Leg and she’s the girl, uh, freaking out on the cover of Evol in a frame from Kern’s legendary camp fest You Killed Me First. (For a whole post on album covers featuring famous artists’ work, go here.)

Below you’ll find the first 8 and half minutes of You Killed Me First (1985). It has a very John Waters-esque feel. Art buffs, L.E.S. artistes and New York know-it-alls might recognize performance artist Karen Finley as the mother and the late artist/writer David Wojnarowicz as the father. Photographer Jessica Craig-Martin plays the normal daughter and Lung Leg of course, plays the hellbent daughter. (Warning: contains sex, violence and profanity. NSFW at all).

I’ll try to find the last two and a half minutes so you know how this crazy story ends. Enjoy!

Jay McInerney on ‘Gossip Girl’?

It’s true. Former 1980s It Boy Jay McInerney, author of one of the Big Apple’s definitive novels Bright Lights, Big Cities, is going to make a cameo on an upcoming episode of the CW’s insipid Gossip Girl.

Do you think this will inspire the kids to check out McInerney’s oeuvre? Or will it be like the time Tony Dow of Leave It to Beaver guest starred as Sarah Jessica Parker’s dad on Square Pegs? We were all like, “OMG, isn’t that Wally?”

Since Gossip Girl is all about the base instincts and material lust of a pack of well-heeled Manhattan teens, shouldn’t the show have tapped Bret Easton Ellis instead?

Ellis, author of Less Than Zero,The Rules of Attraction, and American Psycho, has such a jones for the troubled rich kid stories.

True story: when I was 14, I read Less Than Zero cover to cover at a B. Dalton bookstore in the mall while I waited for my mother to shop.

A few years later I read Bright Lights, Big City and and was pleasantly surprised.

What about you? Team Ellis? or Team McInerney? Are you, like my girlfriend, a closet Gossip Girl viewer?

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