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The dinosaur art of Blake Sanders

This dinosaur has been my favorite image for several weeks now:


It’s called Swim or Sink 1 by Blake Sanders, an artist in New Orleans. I like Blake’s work a lot. I also like his artist statement, all about respect for animals and the need for a more sustainable culture. Blake writes:

“My work illustrates the many ways animals not only prove our equal but also surpass our own traits and abilities. Recently, I have returned to a favorite motif from my childhood: dinosaurs. These remarkable creatures were thought to be the dominant life forms on the planet for tens of millions of years. Despite their sometimes-enormous scale and appetites these impressive prehistoric animals left comparatively little physical impact on the land they inhabited for millennia. Instead, through the forces of evolution, species and populations changed their shapes and sizes in order to adapt to the demands of their environment.”

Swim or Sink 1, Blake says, is a nod toward Hurricane Katrina and the need to tackle climate change.

See more of Blake’s work on Flickr.

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