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Kathy Griffin slams Elisabeth Hasselbeck

D-List comedian Kathy Griffin (who hasn’t been on the D-list for years) showed no mercy to The View‘s resident harpy Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a recent interview with the Windy City Times. She also took the opportunity to shame the Bravo network for not negotiating with her for a higher paycheck next season.

In fact, Kathy says she hasn’t yet agreed to another season of My Life On The D-List:

“The Bravo people have said that I have signed up, but I have not. I am trying to extract tens more dollars from Bravo. Those cheap bastards—you would think after four years and two Emmys that they could come up with it. I am in bitter negotiations, because you know they are very busy with shows like The Break Up with Jo & Slade.

Kathy has a colorful history with daytime estrofest The View, even surviving a feud with its grande dame Barbara Walters. Naturally,tThe comedian has opinions of all the show’s new hosts, holding nothing back when sizing up Hasslebeck:

“Somehow, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has snowed American audiences into not knowing that she is a f**king Survivor reject. I am sorry; I am going to listen to the political beliefs of someone who wore wacky scarves on Survivor?”

I love Kathy. I interviewed her in 2005 and she was so kind, she invited me backstage and allowed me to bring an entourage of friends. I know her detractors think she’s mean, but, I think she is funny and on the money. She was one of the first people to publicly call out Gwyneth Paltrow for being a spoiled bitch. That’s the kind of moxie I like.

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