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A very special memorial Stars With Shopping Carts

This is our first memorial Stars With Shopping Carts feature, so bear with us if we’re four days late.

It’s been two years since we lost the King of Pop. We here at GVsGH would like to honor him now, in the best way we know how. Friends, here he is, the one and only Michael Jackson shopping in a Publix supermarket in Florida circa 2003.

Now Michael is moonwalking his cart down the gleaming aisles of the great supermarket in the sky. See you at the check-out counter, kid.

Michael Jackson minus plastic surgery

The kids over at L.A. Rag Mag have gotten genius with the photoshop and created this image of what 50-year-old eccentric pop star Michael Jackson would look like today if he had foregone all the plastic surgery. Which MJ do you prefer?:

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