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More graves of the (mostly) young and tragic

After it occurred to me that most of the people in my favorite videos from The Guardian’s list (see earlier post) died young and tragically, I found pics of all their graves. I already posted Billie Holiday’s (go back two posts).

Here are the rest – with the exception of Sid Vicious‘s grave because he was cremated and scattered in undisclosed places. In his stead, I included Stiv Bators’ grave. Bators, lead singer of both the Dead Boys and Lords of the New Church, died in his sleep after being hit by a car while he was walking around drunk.

Stiv Bators (Ile-de-France, France):

John Coltrane (Farmingdale, New York):

Maria Callas (Paris, France):

Vladimir Nabokov (Vaud, Switzerland):

James Dean (Fairmont, Indiana):

Jean-Michel Basquiat (Brooklyn, New York):

50 Greatest arts videos on YouTube

The Guardian of Great Britain published what it thinks is The 50 Greatest Arts Videos on YouTube, everything from Joy Division‘s television debut to readings by Beat Generation author Jack Kerouac.

Here are my faves from the list. (Wow, looks like I have a jones for people who died young and tragically. Heroin junkies a plus!):
Jazz’s greatest saxophonist John Coltrane performing My Favorite Things in 1961 in Germany:

An emotional Billie Holiday performing Strange Fruit five months before her death at age 44 from cirrhosis of the liver. (Holiday, whose body was ravaged from years of drug and alcohol abuse, was arrested for possession of drugs on her deathbed.)
I have never before seen live footage of Holiday singing.:

Doomed punk icons Sid and Nancy on New York public access television, 1978. Sid was the bassist of the Sex Pistols. That’s Dead Boys singer Stiv Bators on their left. Watch them laugh when a caller mentions Ted Nugent and the Bee-Gees. Months after this, Sid killed Nancy.

The brilliant Vladmir Nabokov discusses the racy Lolita, 1950s:

James Dean and Paul Newman joke around about being gay during a screen test for East of Eden:

Artist SAMO (aka Jean-Michel Basquiat) interviewed about graffiti on New York cable television, 1978, several years before Basquiat was recognized as a fine artist:

The great Maria Callas singing in Puccini‘s Tosca , 1964:

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