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Prop 8 musical starring a bunch of comedians

Those opposed to Proposition 8 in California and anyone who likes sanctimonious comedy might want to check out this Funny or Die! exclusive video of a mini-musical starring Jack Black, Andy Richter, Alison Janney, Margaret Cho, Maya Rudolph, John C. Reilly, and actual gay person Neil Patrick Harris.

It’s only a few minutes long and says all the same things we’ve heard a million times before, but it means well. Linger a moment at the end and you can hear the sound of a dozen backs being patted.

Like, metaphorically.

Remember the faux New Age book by Ben and Janeane?

Remember Feel This Book, the funny faux New Age book that Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo released in 1999?

I saw it recently in a used book store and chuckled to myself. It motivated me to search for and find my interview with both of them when they were promoting it. I think it was my first interview with a comedian – in this case, two at once. Later I would interview Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Elvira Kurt, Lily Tomlin, and Sandra Bernhard.

I do love the funny folks. Comedians are my favorite people in the world. Who has done more for the planet, in your opinion, comedians or rock stars?

My answer is always Richard Pryor.

Will I like the Margaret Cho show?

As someone who is close personal friends with Margaret Cho, I have a vested interest in the success of The Cho Show, the comedian’s new reality program on VH1. I might remind Cho that several years ago she was lamenting the explosion of reality TV and called it the "death of entertainers"” but I don’t want to be a b-i-t-c-h.

I can’t, unfortunately, post a clip of the show’s supertrailer, but I can share the video below of Cho babbling about the show and the psychology behind her tattoos in an interview with the kids at
I’ve got my fingers crossed for The Cho Show. It premieres tonight! At 11:00 pm. VH1.

Will you watch?

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