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Guns n’ Roses’ ‘Chinese Democracy’

The long-awaited Guns n’ Roses Chinese Democracy album comes out TODAY.



Sorry. I would have cared a lot more about this, say, 16 years ago when the band started recording the album. Also: it’s getting crap reviews..

Wait, the last time we saw Axl, wasn’t he telling Kurt Cobain to get his “woman” (Courtney Love) in line at the MTV Video Music Awards?

Ah, Axl. It will be fun interesting to have you around again.

Courtney Love’s 60 blog posts: “mini depression”

From E! news:

Courtney Love fans were concerned last weekend when the singer-actress-Cobain widow in a seemingly manic state, wrote 60 posts on her Myspace blog in just two days.

Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Love, who has battled with drug problems and depression over the years, refuted the notion that she was suicidal by – what else? – blogging again yesterday:

“”no i am not suicidal, occasionally very occasioanly like all of us i get depressed, and that was over a year ago and i had a mini little depression attack well big one… i dont know quite why it happened but i find that mediciation is not the answer to this”

Love went on to say she is going to put a stop to her incessant blogging because it has a negative effect on her daughter, 16-year-old Frances Bean Cobain.

This really puts a new perspective on embarrassing mothers. I used to get upset at my mom for teasing me in front of my friends. I am now thanking my lucky stars that she never got high and blogged.

Blogging: should moms be allowed?

That Nirvana baby? He’s 17 now

Spencer Elden is the name of the little baby boy who “posed” nude on the cover of Nirvana’s groundbreaking hit album Nevermind.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ol’ Spence is 17 years old now. Here he reenacts his classic pose:


OMG, how old does that make US?!

Elizabeth Peyton and Robert Phelps: rock star portraits

I was reading an item about Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker just a moment ago and all I could think about is the fact that British artist Elizabeth Peyton painted much ballyhooed portraits of Cocker and several other rock stars (Kurt Cobain, Eminem) a few years ago and the international art press went apeshit for it.

It was interesting to me that someone could be become the darling of the art world for the kind of work many of us fans did alone in our bedrooms when while growing up. I know I sketched plenty of pictures of David Bowie and Jim Morrison when I was 15. The best drawing I ever did was the little boy on the cover of U2‘s War album.

Alas some fans are more talented than others. For years now, I have seen artist friends like Robert Phelps painting beautiful portraits of people like David Bowie and Bjork and I’ve realized famous musicians are the modern day equivalent of the important society types who used to get portraits done centuries ago. Mick Jagger = Abe Lincoln? Well, something like that.

I think some of Bobby’s paintings are even better than Peyton’s. (They’re certainly more affordable). Check it out:

Want to see more of Bobby’s work? Here’s his Myspace page and a bio on his professional site. (Isn’t he cute?)

If you could paint any rock star, who would you choose? Or maybe you already do? If you aren’t talented like Peyton and Phelps, would you buy a painting of a musician you really liked? Do you know of another artists – even just a friend – who does great portraits like these?

Frances Bean blogs!

Thus proving she, at 16, is as bright as both of her parents and waaaaay more stable. Go here.

Photo courtesy of FBC's blog.

Photo lifted off FBC's blog.

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