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Kathy Griffin slams Elisabeth Hasselbeck

D-List comedian Kathy Griffin (who hasn’t been on the D-list for years) showed no mercy to The View‘s resident harpy Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a recent interview with the Windy City Times. She also took the opportunity to shame the Bravo network for not negotiating with her for a higher paycheck next season.

In fact, Kathy says she hasn’t yet agreed to another season of My Life On The D-List:

“The Bravo people have said that I have signed up, but I have not. I am trying to extract tens more dollars from Bravo. Those cheap bastards—you would think after four years and two Emmys that they could come up with it. I am in bitter negotiations, because you know they are very busy with shows like The Break Up with Jo & Slade.

Kathy has a colorful history with daytime estrofest The View, even surviving a feud with its grande dame Barbara Walters. Naturally,tThe comedian has opinions of all the show’s new hosts, holding nothing back when sizing up Hasslebeck:

“Somehow, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has snowed American audiences into not knowing that she is a f**king Survivor reject. I am sorry; I am going to listen to the political beliefs of someone who wore wacky scarves on Survivor?”

I love Kathy. I interviewed her in 2005 and she was so kind, she invited me backstage and allowed me to bring an entourage of friends. I know her detractors think she’s mean, but, I think she is funny and on the money. She was one of the first people to publicly call out Gwyneth Paltrow for being a spoiled bitch. That’s the kind of moxie I like.

Remember the faux New Age book by Ben and Janeane?

Remember Feel This Book, the funny faux New Age book that Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo released in 1999?

I saw it recently in a used book store and chuckled to myself. It motivated me to search for and find my interview with both of them when they were promoting it. I think it was my first interview with a comedian – in this case, two at once. Later I would interview Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Elvira Kurt, Lily Tomlin, and Sandra Bernhard.

I do love the funny folks. Comedians are my favorite people in the world. Who has done more for the planet, in your opinion, comedians or rock stars?

My answer is always Richard Pryor.

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