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Real quick pop culture round-up

New Bob Mould album, bio.

Jon Stewart wipes the floor with Jim Cramer.

“Do not ever DJ before calling!” should go in Twitter Hall of Fame.

Well, f*** me gently with a chain saw.

Boring Neko Case interview.

Longish New Yorker review of new Neko Case album.

Go veg, save the planet (again! How many times do we have to say it?)

Jack White + Alison Mosshart? Yes, please.

Sonic Youth + John Paul Jones = weird Merce Cunningham dance piece? Sign me up.

“A Colbert Christmas’ this Sunday

Fans of faux conservative pundit Steven Colbert won’t want to miss A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All airing 10 pm this Sunday on Comedy Central.


The show, a one-hour musical special, finds Colbert on his way to perform a gig with Elvis Costello in New York City, but gets trapped by snow in his cabin upstate. Luckily, his ol’ pals Feist, Toby Keith, John Legend, Willie Nelson and Jon Stewart stop by to bring him good cheer and perform a bunch of hilarious holiday songs penned by Colbert and his writers.

Don’t worry if for some reason you can’t tune in Sunday, the DVD hits stores Tuesday November 25.

Stewart and Colbert spoof ‘New Yorker’ cover

Funny fellows Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert used this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly to parody that freaky New Yorker cover a few months, which was itself a parody – except not funny. Check it out:

True story: I once went to a taping of Stewart’s old chat show – The Jon Stewart Show – and his guest that day was Sylvester Stallone. The important part though was that Jon singled me out before the show when he was working the crowd with jokes to get them pumped for the taping.

I had crutches with me and when Jon asked me how I got them, I told him how I had recently rear-ended a car. He interrupted my story to make some juvenile innuendo around the word “rear-ended” and I got flustered – I had been taking a lot of pain meds – so I yelled at him.

Yes, I screamed, “Listen, Jon!” and he acted stunned. Then he did a funny pseudo scared bit and crouched next to his desk hiding from me.

It was my special moment with Jon Stewart (and my friends Helen and Rommie, who were there, and can vouch for me that his happened and it wasn’t the Perocet).

Jon Stewart is awesome

Take six minutes out of your day and marvel at Jon Stewart (and staff)’s cunning. This clip should be mandatory to watch in schools:

Daily show billboard welcomes RNC

The Daily Show proves its hospitality by erecting this lovely sky-high billboard in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in preparation for next month’s Republican National Convention:

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