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Flashback: Afrika Bambaataa and Johnny Rotten

Here’s “World Destruction”, still relevant as ever:

Of all the weird things Iggy Pop has done, this is the weirdest

For the love of god, Jim.

If you want to be our dog, acting as Swiftcover’s bitch is not the way to do it!

Next thing you know, Johnny Rotten will be making TV commercials!

Johnny Rotten is the new face of Country Life butter

I really am now leaving for my visit to Florida, but I just found this and I have to share: British music mag NME is reporting that John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten, former leader of the Sex Pistols and P.I.L., is the new spokesperson for Country Life butter in Britain.

I am speechless.

Octogenarians perform ‘God Save the Queen’

Australian artist Christopher Buchel assembled this musical troupe of women over the age of 80 to perform the Sex Pistols classic “God Save the Queen.” It’s part of an installation of Buchel’s called, ironically, no future , in the 2008 Biennale in Sydney.

The lead singer makes Johnny Rotten look like a wuss.

When you think about, each of these women was only in her 50s in the 1970s when punk rock was the rage in Great Britain. It’s entirely conceivable – especially judging by their angsty performance – that they, you know, dig the Pistols.

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