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Go vote!

I can’t even deal with you today until you go vote.


Gina Vivinetto’s Greatest Hits endorses Barack Obama.

Freaky ad urges you not to vote with race in mind

Check out this new Freaky Friday -style ad, and ask yourself, honestly, how differently the candidates would be perceived if Barack Obama were a promising, energetic young white politician and John McCain were a cranky old black man (who lost his temper all the time, crashed a bunch of US military planes, and called his wife the “c-word” in front of reporters):

Man, angry old white dudes get away with everything.

Roseanne Cash for Vice President

Even if you have never heard a Roseanne Cash song in your life – and if you haven’t, you really should – please read her very funny piece in The Nation wherein she makes a case for herself to replace Sarah Palin as John McCain‘s vice presidential nominee.

It’s very, very funny and I’m sure her daddy (Johhny Cash!) is giggling up in heaven. Do you think he still wears all black up there? I bet he’s easy to locate.

The Penguin and Batman debate: a metaphor?

My friend Deb sent this clip to me. We’re both pretty sure this footage of Batman debating The Penguin for the rule of Gotham City is a metaphor for last night’s debate between Grandpa “Crankypants” McCain and Barack Obama. Watch and tell me if you agree:

Even with no mention of Joe the Plumber, it’s freakishly accurate.

Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t want GOP using his song

Add Bon Jovi to the growing list of famous bands irked that the McCain-Palin campaign is using their songs at events.

Jon Bon Jovi, who gave a $30,000 plate dinner for Barack Obama in his own home, issued a statement about his song “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” being played at McCain-Palin rallies:

“We are surprised to hear that our song, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” was used by the McCain campaign at rallies yesterday and today. We wrote this song as a thank you to those who have supported us over the past twenty-five years. The song has since become a banner for our home state of New Jersey and the defacto theme song for our partnerships around the country to build homes and rebuild communities. Although we were not asked, we do not approve of their use of ‘Home.'”

So now Heart, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp and Jackson Browne have balked over the GOP playing their music.

Tina Fey: If Palin wins, “I’m done”

Tina Fey has been garnering big laughs with her terrific Sarah Palin sketches on Saturday Night Live, but Fey’s got her own show to worry about now.

With 30 Rock‘s season premiere the week before the presidential election, Fey has vowed to the New York Daily News that if the McCain-Palin ticket wins, she can’t continue the bit:

“We’re gonna take it week by week. If she wins, I’m done. I can’t do that for four years,” Fey told the magazine. “And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

You and me both, sister.

Speaking of Kiss: campaign T-shirts

Earlier I mentioned my childhood fixation on KISS drummer Peter Criss. Anyone who’s ever been a KISS fan knows that the band is big on merchandise: KISS dolls, KISS pinball machines, KISS coffins.

Up until now, I was unaware that the band made political endorsements. But, on a popular music site, I saw a link to these KISS-themed Barack Obama T-shirts.

I was going to write that I was shocked that money hungry Gene Simmons actually approved these shirts and risked alienating Republican fans and thus losing a little dough. But, then I browsed through the KISS official merchandise store and found these John McCain T-shirts:

Now that’s the KISS I know. Why choose sides when both sides spend money?

Was “that one” the defining moment of the debate?

This morning, all the web sites and blogs I’m perusing are still flabbergasted over Grandpa McCain calling Barack Obama “that one” at last night’s presidential debate.

It was certainly rude and dismissive. But was it racist? A lot of pundits and commenters think it might have been. Watch the clip:

I’m not sure if McCain’s “that one” had anything to do with race. I think McCain was doing everything he could to avoid using an obscenity. Remember this is the man who called his own wife a “c-nt” in front of three news reporters. I think McCain resents Obama for being a young whippersnapper who is clearly kicking his ass in the polls. The comment, to me, has more to do with Obama’s youthfulness and his brazen nerve to come into this race and wipe the floor with his elder – a Navy man, no less!

What are your thoughts? I really want to hear everyone’s different reactions. It was such an awkward but important moment.

Who won the debate?

No, seriously, I need you to tell me. I missed the whole thing because I was reviewing the Black Kids concert in D.C. (See my review in VenusZine.)

Who won last night?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

McCain also cancels ‘Letterman’ appearance

Because John McCain possesses a quality every good president should have – the total inability to multi-task – he has been canceling all kinds of engagements this week to fly back to Washington and help the Bush administration focus on the economy. Pause.

Huh? Yes, McCain wants to postpone his campaign to roll his sleeves up and dive right into this economic disaster.

McCain tried to weasel his way out of Friday’s debate with Barack Obama. He also blew off his appearance tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman .

Dave was not pleased. But, it sure is fun to watch him vent:

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