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The Inauguration in Legos!

My friend Mindy sent this my way, it’s model builder Gary McIntire‘s amazingly detailed (if not exactly accurate because he did it last week) Lego version of today’s inauguration of Barack Obama.

Check it out:


CORRECTION Inauguration Obama

Look, it’s Barack, Michelle and Chief Justice John Roberts:


To see a whole gallery of McIntire’s project, go here.

Have you ordered your ‘Yes We Can’ cookies yet?

Max and Benny’s Restaurant, Deli and Bakery in Illinois is offering these tasty, patriotic “Yes We Can” cookies in the shape of our new president’s head. Look, it’s Barack Obama:


Here’s another option, Barry in a fancy top hat:


You can also order these hand-decorated cookies in the likeness of First Lady Michelle Obama:


Our Vice President Joe Biden:


the nation’s 16th president Abraham Lincoln:


and this very special “Lil’ Blago” cookie in the fluffy-haired form of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich:


Which other political or historical figures would you like to see in cookie form?

Go vote!

I can’t even deal with you today until you go vote.


Gina Vivinetto’s Greatest Hits endorses Barack Obama.

‘SNL,’ Tina Fey reenact the VP debate

If you didn’t tune in to Saturday Night Live last night, you need to watch this video to prepare yourself for tomorrow’s water cooler chat – that is, if your workplace still has a water cooler. The newspaper I used to work for now charges its four remaining staffers for water. Gosh, I miss it there!

Here’s the link to Gawker’s post of the video because frankly, the web site still sucks. That’s Tina Fey again as Sarah Palin. Joe Biden’s played by whomever that guy is on the SNL cast that played Liz Lemon‘s Cleveland-bound boyfriend on 30 Rock, and a special appearance by Queen Latifah as moderator Gwen Ifill. Bravo all around.

I can’t wait! VP debate tonight!

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