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Who’s watching The Oscars?

I watch it every year. Tonight we’re having our annual Academy Awards “party.” It’s a bit more intimate than in years past since we only have a half dozen friends in D.C. We prepared a small feast (with vegan truffles!) and our friends Dustin and Bray are coming over.


Watching the Oscars with my mom was a tradition that continued well into my adulthood. My more recent Oscar memories run the gamut: in 2006 I had been in an intensive care unit for quite a long time and doing really badly. However, that did not stop my nurse from whisking me upstairs to a private room on the eve of the Oscars so I wouldn’t miss the ceremony. It was a welcome break from the sound of medical machinery beeping and people screaming “Code blue! Code blue!” on either side of me.

At one of our huge Oscar parties in Florida, I was the lucky winner of the Oscar bet game –I guessed the most winners– and took home the distinguished prize: an autographed picture of Loni Anderson. It was made out to a couple (“To Susie and David”) that none of us knew.

Do you watch the telecast? At a party or by yourself?

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