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Zooey and Ben, sitting in a tree…

Who knew cutie pie actress Zooey Deschanel and indie rock superstar Ben Gibbard, singer-guitarist of Death Cab For Cutie, were an item?


Well, they have been for over a year and they recently announce their engagement, so congrats, Zooey and Ben!

If you’ve seen recent pics of Mr. Gibbard, he’s now one of those rail-thin manorexic indie rock boys and it’s a big subject on all the music blogs. Isn’t it interesting that our culture is now as obsessed with boys’ weights as it’s always been with girls’ weights? Yikes. This is not progress, friends.

Sassiest Boys In America: Where are they now?

My friend Conner, who really is the Sassiest Boy in America – go to his band's myspace page and get acquainted – made me remember the feature in the great Sassy magazine that selected each winter’s “Sassiest Boy In America.”

Sassy was edited by Jane Pratt (who went on to form the less edgy Jane). It delighted hipster teens from 1988-1996 because it was chock full of independent spirit: great writing championing indie bands (with its “Cute Band Alert,” which wasn’t always boy bands), interviews with youth culture’s movers and shakers, awesome features and feminist commentary on a yucky mainstream.

The magazine discovered fashionista Chloe Sevigny and made her one of its interns, which Sevigny parlayed into a stint as an It Girl and later a successful acting career. Sassy was also famously spoofed by Phil Hartman in a recurring Saturday Night Live sketch.

Each winter, the magazine selected the Sassiest Boy In America. I thought it might be fun to remember some of the winners and find out what they’ve been doing recently. The only probem is I’m searching all over the place and having the darnedest time finding out the identities of those super sassy boys.

One thing’s for certain: the first and most famous Sassiest Boy In America in 1991 was Ian Svenonius, leader of Washignton D.C. band Nation of Ulysses.

Svenonius went on to front the popular indie band the Make-Up and more recently Weird War. He’s also an author – The Psychic Soviet, his book of essays was published in 2006 – a DJ and a talk show host. Here’s a more recent pic:

Help! Who were the other Sassiest Boys In America?

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