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Awesome looking paint chip sample wall

Also from Apartment Therapy: Look at this fab wall made of paint chip samples, the kind you can pick up at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or if you’re living in a bygone era, an actual paint store.

Click to enlarge:


The guy in front is the guy who made it, Los Angeles filmmaker and actor Scott Prendergast. Bravo, Scott. Cool idea!

Diane Keaton’s charming colonial home

Apartment Therapy has some pictures from inside the home of Diane Keaton, one of my favorite Hollywood actresses. Her decor, it appears, is as eccentric as she is. I love it.

(click to enlarge):





Very warm. Very charming. Just like Diane. Favorite Diane Keaton moment? Argh, so hard to pick, but certainly one of them is that bit in 1973’s Sleeper when she and Woody Allen are walking down the long corridor nitpicking at each other.

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