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Quick pop culture round-up

Legendary rock ‘n’ roll producer Phil Spector found guilty of murder.

Comedian Al Franken is officially a Minnesota senator (!).

Former Jane’s Addiction/Porno For Pyro‘s lead singer and Lollapalooza creator Perry Farrell is 50. Yes, 50.

1980s ska pioneers The Specials are a band again. Hurray!

Watch Jeremy Konner‘s “Drunk History” videos starring Michael Cera, Jack Black and others. Here’s “Volume One” in which Michael Cera plays Alexander Hamilton complete with colonial wig and cell phone.

Behemoth bookseller Amazon censors gay sale stats, blames “glitch”

On hipsters, their funny-looks and their death

In celebration of whores

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On my way to Crafty Bastards

I’m heading over to the next neighborhood, Adams Morgan, to check out the cool stuff at Crafty Bastards. The last CB I went to was really fun and I saw a lot of cool trinkets and crafts. I bought some cool homemade plaques of Goofus and Gallant – remember them? from Highlights magazine? They taught you the difference between a nice boy and an ill-mannered jackass (click to enlarge):

I bet by the time Gallant was a senior in high school he got his ass kicked regularly. He was clearly gay.

I also bought a cool piece of art that had PBS painter Bob Ross‘s face on it.

The fair also features live music from local bands. Last time I caught a bit of The Cassettes steampunky set.

I hope I find some more hip, inexpensive stuff and hear new bands today!

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