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Stars With Shopping Carts

We’re way overdue for a new Stars With Shopping Carts installment, so let’s get to it!

This week’s theme: “Young Hollywood – And Its Hasbeens”. Oh, Tinsel Town, you’re so fickle.

You tell me which of the following shoppers are still hot and which are not.


The Hills reality star Lauren “L.C.” Conrad:

Lauren Conrad

Tweezed eyebrow’d heartthrob Zac Efron:


Faye Dunaway-feudin’ Hilary Duff:


Former actress Lindsay Lohan:

lindsay lohan shopping 030208

That ’70s Show cutie Mila Kunis with male friend:


An old picture of Nicole Ritchie and then-friend Misha Barton, another former actress. (Remember The O.C.?):


Now you vote! Who’s still got a career, who’s done, who’s hanging on by a thread?

Older celebrities taking time to nurture youngsters

GV’sGH would like to take a moment to congratulate sterling senior celebrities Faye Dunaway and Stephen King for their charitable encouragement of youngsters in their respective fields.


Last week, crackpot actress Dunaway scoffed when asked about the upcoming remake of her 1967 hit movie Bonnie & Clyde, and said not-nice things about its star, Hilary Duff:

“Couldn’t they have at least cast a real actress?” Dunaway asked.

To which Duff fired back in this E! interview: “I might be mad if I looked like that now, too.” (Okay, that’s even tackier.)


And this week, writer Mr. King had this to say about mega- successful Twilight author Stephenie Meyer:

“Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.”

Faye and Stephen, two thumbs up for carrying on in the rich tradition of selfish, spoiled artists who have made it big and can’t handle sharing the spotlight with anyone else. Bravo.

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