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More Grace Jones: “I’m Not Perfect” (1986)

Pretty much everything Grace Jones has done has been innovative or outrageous or both. (See previous post). One pivotal moment in Grace’s career — and my personal favorite as an enthusiast of modern art — was the 1986 video for the song “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You”) in which Grace is wearing a costume created on the spot by the late painter Keith Haring.

Here’s the video. Look for cameo “testimonials” from several of Grace’s New York art and music pals including Andy Warhol and Nile Rogers, as well as an appearance by the late fashion designer Tina Chow (as Grace’s “esthetician”):

I wonder what Keith and Tina, who both died of complications from AIDS in the 1990s, would be doing today. Keith was only 32 when he died; Tina only 42.

Miss Grace Jones – in chocolate!

This is weeks old news, but I’ve found not everyone has seen these awesome pics or heard about the new album:

Back in college, I used to live with an adorable gay boy who was obsessed with avant garde R&B chanteuse Grace Jones. I heard Miss Grace’s music day and night and I grew to love it as well. The famously androgynous Grace broke both race and gender barriers.

Well, Grace, who’s now 60, is back, in hot chocolate, no less!


These chocolate busts were made to promote Grace’s new album, Hurricane, her first in 19 years.

Grace actually made casts of all her body parts:


But it looks like just her top half made it to the album’s cover:


So glad to have you back, Grace!

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