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10 songs about presidents

It’s President’s Day. Let’s celebrate with a list of songs about United States presidents. Ready? I’ll start with the first 10, then you add:

1. Manic Street Preachers “The Love of Richard Nixon”
2. Dick Holler, “Abraham, Martin and John” (about Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy)
3. Lou Reed, “The Day John Kennedy Died”
4. Electric Six, “Jimmy Carter”
5. Stevie Wonder, “You Haven’t Done Nothin'” (about Richard Nixon)
6. They Might Be Giants, “James K. Polk”
7. The Ramones, “Bonzo Goest To Bitburg” (about Ronald Reagan)
8. Bright Eyes, “When The President Talks To God” (about George W. Bush)
9. The Minutemen, “If Reagan Played Disco”
10. Bongwater, “Reaganation”

Okay, your turn!

Photo op! Four former presidents with Obama

Two hilllbillies, a black guy, and George Bush walk into a bar….


It’s actually the Oval Office. But there’s a joke in here somewhere.

Check out Bubba, the only one looking right into the camera. Way to keep it about you, Bill.

Now you can throw your shoes at Bush!

Were you inspired by the Iraqi journalist who threw his show at our outgoing president’s head? Do you wish you could lob your own Birkenstocks at Bush?



Go to The Official George W. Bush Shoe Toss right now!


Iraqi journalist attacks Bush with shoes

George W. Bush made a surprise trip to Iraq over the weekend and was greeted by at least one unhappy journalist who threw his shoes at the soon-to-be-gone U.S. president:

So much for security. It’s a good thing this happened so late in the game or I think journalists for several years now would be chucking their Weejuns at the president. That’s the Iraqi prime minister, by the way, helping to shield Bush.

Here is the Iraqi man in mid-toss:


The New York Times reports that the journalist, who lost several family members in the war, shouted, “This is the farewell kiss, you dog.”


The White House Hanukkah invite gaffe

Several news outlets are reporting that the White House this week sent invitations to leaders in the Jewish community for an upcoming Hanukkah celebration.


The only problem is, the cards feature an image of a Clydesdale horse approaching the White House, drawing a wagon with a gigantic Christmas tree in it! If you look closely at the wagon, the words “”White House Christmas Tree 2008” are written on it. (The White House, too, has a Christmas wreath on the door).

Laura Bush‘s spokeswoman Sally McDonough, explained that the in the Bush’s hecti final days in the White House, there has been an oversight:

“Mrs. Bush is apologetic,” she said. “It is something that just slipped through the cracks.”

Sounds like her husband’s entire presidency.

Famous world leaders appearing in ads

Print magazine recently featured a piece about the onslaught of ads using the famous faces of world leaders – and world tyrants. (Naturally, ads featuring George W. Bush making goofy faces are especially popular). These politician pictures are used in advertisements for a variety of organizations (like Amnesty International) and also for regular ol’ corporations.

Like these ads for a brand of tape:

The cutline: “The world needs a tape like this.”

I’ll say!

The ads I found particularly clever were these for Spanish language magazine Veja using words to depict famous visages:

Be sure to examine the faces closely. Each features two words. Neat, huh?

‘Slate’ asks: when did voting become like dating?

The kids at Slate want to know "When did voting become like dating?" and further, when did it become like dating yourself?

Seriously. When did our country start voting for the guy you could “picture yourself having a beer with”? That was one of the questions in a 2000 poll that found George W. Bush way ahead of Al Gore. So a bunch of good ol’ boys and girls voted for an imbecile because he seemed like “one of them.”

Al Gore, outwardly, might have been a robotoic nerd, but he was smart. I torture myself daydreaming about what my life, the life of the country, and the free world would be like today if Gore had been elected (or, should I say, if he were allowed to serve, since we did elect him.)

If only Al had slapped his knee, guffawed, and spit chewin’ tobacky, he might have convinced the American people he was just like them.

I don’t want a president like me. I’m a moron. I want a real smarty pants in the Oval Office who will make intelligent decisions.

I’ve had eight years of a “regular Joe” in the office (a regular Joe, by the way, who’s from one of the richest families this country has ever seen, whose dad was the Vice President and the head of the C.I.A., and whose brother was the governor of the state that flubbed the election in his favor.)

Haven’t we learned to look at people like Sarah Palin and understand that though she may be charismatic and attractive, she’s not at all qualified to LEAD THE FREE WORLD?

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