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Good news for people who hate ‘Marmaduke’

I always thought the comic Marmaduke was really stupid.

I think the main thing I never liked about Marmaduke was the dog himself. He didn’t have a personality. He was just big and dumb. Garfield sucked, too, but at least the cat was sarcastic and amused by the human folly around him. The Marmaduke strip is about the humans, how they feel about the dog. Who cares?

I am not alone. If you want a fresh, new, cynical interpretation of all the Marmaduke classics, consult Marmaduke Explained. (Hint: the older entries are much funnier than the latest). Here is an example:

The cartoon:

The interpretation:

“Marmaduke hasn’t terrorized his fat elderly neighbor in a fortnight. This warrants a friendly visit from the curious egg-shaped gentleman, smartly dressed in a dapper pork pie hat/vest/slacks/old man sneakers combo.”

Some explanations are obvious, like this one, and some are wickedly funny in a pseudo philosophical way. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to find this comic strip, which puzzled me so in my youth, is actually rife with subtle meaning.

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