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Isabella Rosselini’s “Bees”

Have you been watching Isabella Rosselini’s Green Porno series on the Sundance channel? These are bizarre short clips about insect mating. Here’s “Bees”:

Everything Isabella does is cool. Right?

What’s your favorite Isabella moment? Blue Velvet? Playing Jack’s demented ex-wife on 30 Rock? Her guest spot on Friends? The movie where she has the glass leg filled with beer?

Why is Lisa Kudrow in a commercial?

WTF? I just saw Friends alum Lisa Kudrow in a commercial for a Nintendo gadget that helps you cook in the kitchen. Does Lisa need money? Weren’t the Friends making one mil an episode at the end of their NBC reign? Is she desperate for work? Are the critically acclaimed indie pictures not enough for her?

Here’s the commercial:

Ugh! It’s even worse because this King Pao chicken-cooking mommy taints the memory of daffy (but compassionate!) vegetarian Phoebe Buffay.

Why, Lisa, why?

Note to HBO: Bring back The Comeback so this woman can do meaningful work.

Humidity, here I come!

We only have a few more days to chit chat because Friday morning my lady friend and I are heading down to Florida to visit friends and family. I might even get a haircut since it’s apparently impossible to get a good one in Washington DC. (Actually the guy around the corner at the Omni hotel took pity on me and gave me a free haircut that rocked).

Things I am not looking forward to:

* Humidity
* 95 degree weather in mid-September
* McCain-Palin signs on most front lawns

Things I’m excited about:

* I get to drive my car! Yes, my 2003 Honda CRV is in the Sunshine State. Because paying DC car insurance prices and shelling out another $175 a month to park it in my building seems unreasonable to me.
* Friends! We have lots of them in Florida. (Have you heard about the people in DC? They’re a little off. I still haven’t made any friends here after a year. Of course, rarely leaving my apartment is problematic).

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