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I love the Hirschhorn!

Our house guest Stacy and I spent a few hours yesterday at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, a museum of modern and contemporary art owned by the Smithsonian. We saw a lot of crazy modern art by Frank Stella, Eve Hesse, Claes Oldenburg, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, and many, many more. Stacy took this picture of me in front of an Andy Warhol piece:

I especially loved that the museum reserves space for young, contemporary artists who aren’t necessarily “famous” – yet. Some of my favorite pieces were by emerging talents like this piece called “off the dome: don’t front, you know we got you open” by Iona Razeal Brown, who is, incidenally from right here in D.C.:

You can’t see, really, in the pic, but the pattern on this fly lady’s kimono is a repeating image from a vintage black record label.

I’m looking forward to discovering more work by Brown – I’ve already started my research – and to many more trips to the Hirshhorn, where admission is magnificently free!

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