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A very special memorial Stars With Shopping Carts

This is our first memorial Stars With Shopping Carts feature, so bear with us if we’re four days late.

It’s been two years since we lost the King of Pop. We here at GVsGH would like to honor him now, in the best way we know how. Friends, here he is, the one and only Michael Jackson shopping in a Publix supermarket in Florida circa 2003.

Now Michael is moonwalking his cart down the gleaming aisles of the great supermarket in the sky. See you at the check-out counter, kid.

Happy Birthday, Jack Kerouac!


The eternal beatnik would be 87 today.

All of us youngsters who grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida have stopped by Jack’s house on 10th Street North. Interestingly, Jack’s name was still in the phone book in the 1980s, though he died in 1969.

Any fans of the Beat Generation writers out there? I own an autographed copy of Allen Ginsberg‘s Howl.

I miss you guys.

I’m sorry I’m not blogging while I’m in Florida. I have a weird internet situation here at my dad’s.

I promise when I get back to D.C., in just a few more days, I’ll get you all up to speed on what I’ve been doing and show you all the pictures from my trip.

Thanks for being patient with me.

Sarah Silverman’s message to Florida

Comedian Sarah Silverman has an important message for voters in Florida. And relatives of voters in Florida. Especially Jews. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Lots of swear words.

Humidity, here I come!

We only have a few more days to chit chat because Friday morning my lady friend and I are heading down to Florida to visit friends and family. I might even get a haircut since it’s apparently impossible to get a good one in Washington DC. (Actually the guy around the corner at the Omni hotel took pity on me and gave me a free haircut that rocked).

Things I am not looking forward to:

* Humidity
* 95 degree weather in mid-September
* McCain-Palin signs on most front lawns

Things I’m excited about:

* I get to drive my car! Yes, my 2003 Honda CRV is in the Sunshine State. Because paying DC car insurance prices and shelling out another $175 a month to park it in my building seems unreasonable to me.
* Friends! We have lots of them in Florida. (Have you heard about the people in DC? They’re a little off. I still haven’t made any friends here after a year. Of course, rarely leaving my apartment is problematic).

The art of Frank Strunk

My friend Frank Strunk lives in Florida and makes these amazing pieces of art using found objects of metal and other industrial-type materials. Frank has made me open my eyes to the beauty of rust, natural decay, and variations in patina.

I have never known such an uncompromising artist who puts such thought and care into everything he creates. To learn about Frank and see his work, go to his web site.

Here’s a detail from a larger work called Arch.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Jeremy Gloff on Penn & Teller’s show

My friend Jeremy Gloff, a popular DJ and musician in Tampa, is a 1980s aficionado. As such, he is a recent guest on Showtime’s Penn & Teller: Bullshit. It’s an episode about nostalgia. Here’s a link to the preview of the show. It’s worth watching to see Gloff, whose homepage is here, getting excited about the rare Bonnie Tyler record he just acquired for a small fortune.

The show airs again Thursday at 10:30pm; Sept. 7 at 11pm; and Sept. 19 at 10:00pm.

What are you nostalgic about? I recently spent about $70 on EBay for a bunch of vintage issues of the East Village Eye, a weekly newspaper that chronicled the art and music scene of Greenwich Village during the late 1970s to mid-1980s. I wasn’t there, but I’m still nostalgic for that era. And by having never been a part of it, I’m free to imagine it as an ideal time and place. What about you?

Today would have been River Phoenix’s 38th B-day

Those of us who lived in Florida – in my case the Tampa Bay area – while River was alive, had the chance pretty often to see Aleka's Attic, his Gainesville-based band. I know it’s customary to knock Hollywood boys who start bands, but Aleka’s Attic was good.

Maybe because River was my fellow vegan, or it might have been because he was a big crush of mine in high school, whatever the reason, I will never forget the Halloween day I went to my parent’s house and my dad told me he heard on the news that River had died the night before. My heart just sunk. There had been rumors about River using drugs and, frankly, the two or three times I saw him in person – including one day eating lunch next to him in a Gainesville vegetarian restaurant – he looked tired and unwell.

No one that young should die. All I ever heard about River’s character is that he was someone special, kind, generous and enthusiastic. He certainly introduced to many young people the idea that we should extend our compassion to all beings, including animals.

I didn’t know him, but in a way, everyone my age did. Those who find his movies now do, too. Such is the magic of cinema. Anyway, Happy Birthday. My heart goes out to your family – and anyone who’s lost someone they love to drugs.

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