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Kathy Griffin slams Elisabeth Hasselbeck

D-List comedian Kathy Griffin (who hasn’t been on the D-list for years) showed no mercy to The View‘s resident harpy Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a recent interview with the Windy City Times. She also took the opportunity to shame the Bravo network for not negotiating with her for a higher paycheck next season.

In fact, Kathy says she hasn’t yet agreed to another season of My Life On The D-List:

“The Bravo people have said that I have signed up, but I have not. I am trying to extract tens more dollars from Bravo. Those cheap bastards—you would think after four years and two Emmys that they could come up with it. I am in bitter negotiations, because you know they are very busy with shows like The Break Up with Jo & Slade.

Kathy has a colorful history with daytime estrofest The View, even surviving a feud with its grande dame Barbara Walters. Naturally,tThe comedian has opinions of all the show’s new hosts, holding nothing back when sizing up Hasslebeck:

“Somehow, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has snowed American audiences into not knowing that she is a f**king Survivor reject. I am sorry; I am going to listen to the political beliefs of someone who wore wacky scarves on Survivor?”

I love Kathy. I interviewed her in 2005 and she was so kind, she invited me backstage and allowed me to bring an entourage of friends. I know her detractors think she’s mean, but, I think she is funny and on the money. She was one of the first people to publicly call out Gwyneth Paltrow for being a spoiled bitch. That’s the kind of moxie I like.

Shirley MacLaine as Chanel

I’m not sure how I feel about legendary goofball Shirley MacLaine playing fashion designer Coco Chanel in Lifetime’s Coco Chanel, which airs this Saturday.

On the one hand, I’m happy to see an older woman get top billing in anything and I definitely think Shirley is a talented actress. And as anyone who knows me will attest, I’ve never shied away from a kook. (Or a health fad).

On the other hand, I was disappointed with Shirley’s recent appearance on The View when it was obvious from her incompetent discussion of her new book (about her latest quack fad) that she had little to do with the writing of it. She came across real bitchy – then again, most of the venom was directed at Elisabeth Hasselbeck, which is entirely reasonable.

By most accounts, Coco Chanel wasn’t the most pleasant woman either. So maybe it’s a good fit. Eh. I might watch. You?

Everyone is obsessed with Sarah Palin

Has it really been only five days since John McCain announced Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate?

What have we learned about this heretofore relatively anonymous woman?

1. She doesn’t want women to have abortion as a choice. She wants all women to have babies every time they get pregnant.
2. She’s against the gays marrying.
3. She likes guns.
4. She thinks hunting the endangered bears is just fine. (In fact, she denies they are endangered).
5. She’s all for drilling the shit out of Alaska to get oil.
6. Her husband works for the oil industry.
7. She thinks banning books is okay.
8. Her 17-year-old is knocked up and marrying the kid who got her that way.
9. She may have gotten her sister’s ex-husband fired from his job as a state trooper.
10. She names her children for subjects in school. (Well, one of them is more an elective).
11. Her own mother-in-law may not vote for her.
12. The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck endorses her. (Though she probably wouldn’t if Palin were a BLACK woman with five kids, a pregnant teen-age daughter, and a house full of guns.)

Are GOP folks charmed by this Backwoods Barbie?

Your thoughts?

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