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Ladies and gentlemen, the Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch doll

Ever wondered what VP vixen Sarah Palin would look like in Cabbage Patch form? Here it is, the one and only (seriously, there is only one in existence) Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch doll:

It’s being auctioned on eBay from now until the election. To further motivate you, all proceeds benefit the Marine Toys for Tots foundation.

Go, go now. Take out a second mortgage and bid on this baby!

No more ivory sales on eBay

I’m so happy about this. Big ol’ online auction giant eBay has announced as of January 2009, it will no longer permit ivory sales of any kind – including jewelry and heirlooms – on its site.

The New York Times reports:

The announcement, made to the company’s merchants and customers, came as a conservation organization based in Massachusetts prepared to issue the latest in a series of reports documenting how online auction sites, particularly eBay, have become a magnet for trading in items derived from endangered species, among them rare birds and reptiles sold to collectors, ivory-handled walking sticks or bracelets and figurines carved from elephant tusks.

The report, prepared by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, analyzed data gathered in a six-week survey that tracked more than 7,000 listings of wildlife or their feathers, teeth or pelts offered for sale on almost 200 web sites in 11 countries. Nearly three-quarters of the items were elephant products.

The majority of those trades and sales are done on eBay.

The poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks has greatly reduced the species’ numbers. Wildlife experts have documented a decline in elephant populations, particularly in Africa. The worldwide population of elephants stood at an estimated 1.3 million in 1979. But during the 1980s, 100,000 elephants were slaughtered each year for their ivory. By 1989, the number of elephants was 450,000.

The population has increased slightly since then, says the group, to about 470,000.

Let’s hope more auction houses follow eBay’s example and we can see those numbers grow. If humans were supposed to own ivory, mother nature would have given us tusks, too.

Jeremy Gloff on Penn & Teller’s show

My friend Jeremy Gloff, a popular DJ and musician in Tampa, is a 1980s aficionado. As such, he is a recent guest on Showtime’s Penn & Teller: Bullshit. It’s an episode about nostalgia. Here’s a link to the preview of the show. It’s worth watching to see Gloff, whose homepage is here, getting excited about the rare Bonnie Tyler record he just acquired for a small fortune.

The show airs again Thursday at 10:30pm; Sept. 7 at 11pm; and Sept. 19 at 10:00pm.

What are you nostalgic about? I recently spent about $70 on EBay for a bunch of vintage issues of the East Village Eye, a weekly newspaper that chronicled the art and music scene of Greenwich Village during the late 1970s to mid-1980s. I wasn’t there, but I’m still nostalgic for that era. And by having never been a part of it, I’m free to imagine it as an ideal time and place. What about you?

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