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Queen performs the “Flash Gordon” theme

I don’t know why I’ve never seen this footage of Queen performing the theme to 1980’s Flash Gordon. God knows I adore that movie more than any adult person should ever admit to.

When I got older I learned who the great Swedish actor Max Von Sydow was and finally understood why my father thought it was such a riot he played Ming The Merciless in the flick. Which begs the question: Do you think Ingmar Bergman ever watched Flash Gordon?

Fun fact: a friend of mine on Facebook just this second informed me that it’s not Flash Gordon star Sam Jones‘s real voice we hear in the movie. Jones and producer Dino DeLaurentis (grandfather to Food Network star Giada DeLaurentis) had a falling out over money. When Jones would not come to the studio to redo his lines, an unnamed actor did it for him.

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