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Yeah Yeah Yeahs on ‘SNL’

Watch the videos before NBC brass takes them off YouTube:

Here’s “Zero”:

and that old chestnut “Maps”

Karen O. = god. (Probably not appropriate to say on Easter, but so be it).

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are performing again Tuesday (4/14) on Letterman and and Wednesday (4/15) on Jimmy Fallon‘s show.

Alec Baldwin makes fun of Joaquin Phoenix

If you’ve seen Joaquin Phoenix‘s weird appearance on Late Show With David Letterman this week, you might find it funny that comic mastermind Alec Baldwin mocked him on The Conan O’ Brien Show last night.

Watch it here.

Also, last night’s 30 Rock ruled, right? Best episode of the season.

Amy Sedaris is getting her own sitcom!

Funny lady Amy Sedaris sat down with David Letterman last night and spilled the beans about her new sitcom (which Dave already knew about since he’s producing it)! Yay!

Amy will write, direct and star in the show with help from her Strangers With Candy cohort Paul Dinello.

Are you an Amy Sedaris fan? How about Strangers With Candy? Which episode is your favorite? One of mine is when Jerri Blank and the little red-haired girl have to be a couple with a real baby in health class.

McCain also cancels ‘Letterman’ appearance

Because John McCain possesses a quality every good president should have – the total inability to multi-task – he has been canceling all kinds of engagements this week to fly back to Washington and help the Bush administration focus on the economy. Pause.

Huh? Yes, McCain wants to postpone his campaign to roll his sleeves up and dive right into this economic disaster.

McCain tried to weasel his way out of Friday’s debate with Barack Obama. He also blew off his appearance tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman .

Dave was not pleased. But, it sure is fun to watch him vent:

De Niro and Pacino do Dave’s Top 10 list

Last night two of the finest actors in America dropped in on The Late Show with David Letterman to deliver the night’s Top 10 list.

Here are Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on the “Top 10 Reasons I Like Being An Actor”:

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