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Guns n’ Roses’ ‘Chinese Democracy’

The long-awaited Guns n’ Roses Chinese Democracy album comes out TODAY.



Sorry. I would have cared a lot more about this, say, 16 years ago when the band started recording the album. Also: it’s getting crap reviews..

Wait, the last time we saw Axl, wasn’t he telling Kurt Cobain to get his “woman” (Courtney Love) in line at the MTV Video Music Awards?

Ah, Axl. It will be fun interesting to have you around again.

Courtney Love’s 60 blog posts: “mini depression”

From E! news:

Courtney Love fans were concerned last weekend when the singer-actress-Cobain widow in a seemingly manic state, wrote 60 posts on her Myspace blog in just two days.

Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Love, who has battled with drug problems and depression over the years, refuted the notion that she was suicidal by – what else? – blogging again yesterday:

“”no i am not suicidal, occasionally very occasioanly like all of us i get depressed, and that was over a year ago and i had a mini little depression attack well big one… i dont know quite why it happened but i find that mediciation is not the answer to this”

Love went on to say she is going to put a stop to her incessant blogging because it has a negative effect on her daughter, 16-year-old Frances Bean Cobain.

This really puts a new perspective on embarrassing mothers. I used to get upset at my mom for teasing me in front of my friends. I am now thanking my lucky stars that she never got high and blogged.

Blogging: should moms be allowed?

Nancy Spungen: victim of sexism?

On the 30th anniversary of Nancy Spungen‘s murder by boyfriend Sid Vicious, New York magazine is publishing a piece contesting Nancy’s reputation as a nutball.

The piece, written by Karen Schoemer, asserts that Nancy, like Courtney Love, was despised by Vicious’s band mates in the Sex Pistols and the group’s fans not because she was loud and obnoxious, but because she was a female with opinions, who dared to acts as brazen and as outrageous as the men in the scene.

Punk rock scribe Legs McNeil talked about Nancy for the article, insisting Nancy “could be very, very nice,” and tells the author that Nancy was no more disturbed than anyone else involved in the punk scene.

Photographer Eileen Polk, a friend of Nancy’s, remembers her the same way and challenges her mother Deborah Spungen‘s unflattering portrayal of her as disruptive and mentally ill in the biography And I Don’t Want To Live This Life: A Mother’s Story of Her Daughter’s Murder:

“Like most kids who are 17, basically her statement was, ‘I hate my family’…All the things that she loved and thought were important in the world, they told her were stupid. I think she had a really stifling middle-class upbringing.”

Polk recalls that before Nancy even met Sid, she was rejected by the catty groupie scene for running her mouth and being outrageous:

“Maybe Pamela Des Barres tells the story of female solidarity, but there was a lot of backstabbing. The other girls shunned her and were mean to her. And that made Nancy worse. She became vengeful. She kind of reacted to them putting her down by doing even worse things. The only people who didn’t shun her were the guys that were getting drugs from her.”

Nancy was so reviled that even after Sid Vicious admitted killing her, many people didn’t believe him, but no one did much to figure out who the real murderer was. It didn’t matter who killed Nancy.

I can’t say bravo enough to Schoemer for writing this piece. It shames me to think I have bought into the myth, on some level, of Nancy Spungen, the crazy girl who wanted to die. I’m so pleased that someone took the time to re-examine Nancy’s life and death through a feminist lens.

Stars With Shopping Carts!

Time again for Stars With Shopping Carts! No theme this week, just stars, stars, stars – and shopping carts. Ready? As usual, click on an pick to enlarge:

Miley Cyrus at Target:

Heidi Klum at Target:

Britney Spears:

Sascha Baron Cohen:

Kim Kardashian:

…and a completely lucid Courtney Love inside a shopping cart, picking her feet:

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Frances Bean blogs!

Thus proving she, at 16, is as bright as both of her parents and waaaaay more stable. Go here.

Photo courtesy of FBC's blog.

Photo lifted off FBC's blog.

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