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Was “that one” the defining moment of the debate?

This morning, all the web sites and blogs I’m perusing are still flabbergasted over Grandpa McCain calling Barack Obama “that one” at last night’s presidential debate.

It was certainly rude and dismissive. But was it racist? A lot of pundits and commenters think it might have been. Watch the clip:

I’m not sure if McCain’s “that one” had anything to do with race. I think McCain was doing everything he could to avoid using an obscenity. Remember this is the man who called his own wife a “c-nt” in front of three news reporters. I think McCain resents Obama for being a young whippersnapper who is clearly kicking his ass in the polls. The comment, to me, has more to do with Obama’s youthfulness and his brazen nerve to come into this race and wipe the floor with his elder – a Navy man, no less!

What are your thoughts? I really want to hear everyone’s different reactions. It was such an awkward but important moment.

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