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“The Ben Stiller Show” Manson skit

Speaking of Charles Manson, here is probably my favorite bit the cast of The Ben Stiller Show ever did. Look for Janeane Garofalo, Andy Dick, and the underrated Bob Odenkirk as Manson.

Hint: click twice to enlarge the screen.

It’s hilarious, right? Did you love The Ben Stiller Show, too? Best thing on television from 1990-92.

Look at Charles Manson now

Here is Charles Manson’s official prison photo. He’s an old bastard now, grey and balding. He’s 74. Why do all the evil motherf—ers live so long?


I wonder if he ever rethinks that swastika tattoo? This August will be the 40th anniversary of the Manson Family murder spree.

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