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Cats like modern art, too

I saw this item on Apartment Therapy. It’s kitty catnip in the shape of a fish with Jackson Pollock-esque splatters all over it. I love it.

Photos swiped from the Apartment Therapy site.

Photos swiped from the Apartment Therapy site.

The catnip retails for $7 at Arcata Pet Supplies. I think we should have catnip in all the modern artists’ styles: Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Rothko…

Hi. It’s me, Gina. (By way of an introduction).

Why the blog? Well, I’ve been writing for a living for years. A writer’s life is all I’ve ever known. Actually, I have done other things for money. Sold books (in stores and on the internet), peddled CDs (same). I worked in a health food store both during college and again after I was fired from my cushy job at a newspaper.

I owned an art gallery/music venue for a year down in St. Petersburg, Florida, but that was about as lucrative as you would imagine. 

When I was a kid, growing up in a small-town in Massachusetts, I would gather on my parent’s front porch with my friends on Sundays and direct them as we read the comic strips in character. I want to do that for a living. Or collect leaves.

I like to walk a lot, too. Did you know in her old age Greta Garbo spent hours walking anonymously through Manhattan? She would just throw on some shades and walk and nobody was the wiser. Isn’t it strange that the world’s most famous hermit, turns out, was kind of a people person?

I’m a people person, too. Hence, the blog.

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