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Lily Allen pics from 9:30 Club gig

Here are a few photos my friend Deb Duncan shot covertly Friday at Lily Allen‘s terrific 9:30 Club gig.




What a show! Lily sang just about every song she’s ever recorded. She looked great, too. And what a simple, gorgeous set. All white.

Encores: “Smile,” “The Fear,” and Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.”

Britney and Justin reunite tonight – with Madonna

So reports are all over the ‘net that Madonna‘s show tonight in Los Angeles will feature on onstage reunion of former childhood sweeties Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.


And for some reason, I’m excited about this, which is weird because I never gave two figs about these two former Mouseketeers when they were an item, but like so many women (and gay guys), I’m a sucker for romance, nostalgia, and drama.

I don’t need to tell all of you at Dodger Stadium tonight to whip out your camera phones, but something tells me Madge has the presence of mind (and PR savvy) to have the reunion officially documented.

KD Lang is performing tonight

KD Lang is performing tonight in the DC area and, while I’m not attending the show, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her perform twice before and I even got that chance to interview her four years ago. I think KD is a phenomenal talent and a great person and as a member of the queer community (and a vegetarian), I certainly owe her a great debt for living her life authentically.

Here’s a video of KD singing Leonard Cohen‘s beautiful “Hallelujah” :

Among the subjects KD and I breezed through were her cooking prowess, her strict no lip-synching policy, her thoughts on the (at the time) controversial “lesbian kiss” between Madonna and Britney Spears at the MTV Music Video Awards, her favorite women in history (Amelia Earhart, Mother Teresa, Mary Magdalene) and her first rock ‘n’ roll crush.

KD was as much a delight to talk to as she is to listen to. If you want to read the whole piece, go here. Please remember that I wrote these Q&A’s clearly, but, unfortunately, they were archived with little to no attention to my bold-type question and answer format. But, you’re not dumb, you’ll figure it out.

And, have fun tonight if you’re seeing KD perform.

Stars With Shopping Carts!

Time again for Stars With Shopping Carts! No theme this week, just stars, stars, stars – and shopping carts. Ready? As usual, click on an pick to enlarge:

Miley Cyrus at Target:

Heidi Klum at Target:

Britney Spears:

Sascha Baron Cohen:

Kim Kardashian:

…and a completely lucid Courtney Love inside a shopping cart, picking her feet:

Find a pic of a star with a shopping cart? Send it to and get mentioned in the post!

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