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Stars With Shopping Carts

What? Can it be? Yes, kids, today marks the triumphant return of Stars With Shopping Carts, a fan favorite here at Gina Vivinetto’s Greatest Hits. We haven’t done a Stars With Shopping Carts feature since early 2009 — because, quite frankly, this blog was on hiatus the entire time I was in grad school.

So today’s Stars With Shopping Carts has to be a doozie, right? Oh, and it is! The theme: couples counseling. These folks either need it, are inevitably going to need it, or, they’ve missed the boat altogether. Ready?

If you saw their joint interview recently with Joy Behar, you know KISS’s Gene Simmons and longtime lady love/baby mama Shannon Tweed are in trouble. Tweed stormed off the set mid-interview! Still, gotta eat:

Ladies and gentlemen, Brad and Angie with two of their 16 children:

What could be said bout Anne Heche that she hasn’t already said herself to Barbara Walters? Here is Celestia with James Tupper, her Men In Trees co-star and beau. (Just to get you all up-to-speed: Heche left comedian Ellen DeGeneres to marry and have a baby with camera man Coley Lafoon — who was working for DeGeneres — then left Lafoon to be with Tupper.):

Nutty David Arquette is still technically married to Courteney Cox(-Arquette), but she, understandably, needs a break from his crazy ass. The two are currently separated. So here’s Deputy Dewey shopping solo with little Coco.

Lastly, Xtina. That’s right, the “Dirrty” girl herself Christina Aguilera threw in the towel last year on her five-year marriage to Jordan Bratman. We never could figure out a celebrity couple name for these two: AguilBrat? Bratlera? X-Jor? No matter now.

Which celebrity couple is the most doomed? Vote in the comments!

Need your fix of Stars With Shopping Carts? Find the entire series here.

Playing Battleship with Brangelina

Did this freak out anyone else?


The E! network’s red carpet crew was hunting down Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie like it was a game of Battleship. It made me uncomfortable. Maybe it was a preventive measure in case Angelina tried to snatch one of those Slumdog kids for her collection.

“It was you, Charlie”

I watched On The Waterfront again the other day for the first time in many years. Marlon Brando‘s performance, which earned him one of his Academy Awards for Best Actor, is so powerful. I kept thinking how different Brando was onscreen in the 1954 compared to the flowery overacting of his contemporaries, or compared to stars like Cary Grant who basically showed up and flashed his teeth.

Brando’s “Method acting” feels so modern. He gave his characters odd tics and speech patterns. He made them real people. Pretty much every male star we see today tries to emulate him. I can see his influence – with varying degrees of success – on everyone from Heath Ledger to Brad Pitt.

Here’s the famous scene depicting Brando’s character, former prizefighter Terry Malloy, riding in the backseat of the car with his mobster brother Charlie (Rod Steiger). It’s the first time in the movie – and in the brothers’ lives – that Terry has blamed Charlie for his downfall. It all started with a fixed fight years ago:

Doesn’t Brando just break your heart? No one else back then could have done this character as much justice. In this minute and a half clip, you pick up exactly who Terry Malloy is: tough guy, not bright, good heart, mixed up in trouble, betrayed by his brother, doomed.

On The Waterfront cleaned up at the Oscars that year: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress for Eva Marie Saint, Best Director for Elia Kazan and four more prizes.

Are you a Brando fan? What’s your favorite flick of his?

These eight magazine covers cost $25-million

Gawker posted a great item on Friday about People magazine’s questionable values during recession time: how can a media outlet justify firing staffers to save money when it has dished out more than $25-million dollars in one year for photographs of celebrities and their babies and/or weddings. These “exclusive” pics appeared on just eight People covers.

Were these pics worth $25-million?:


Looks like People forgot its adage “Celebrities! They’re just like us!”

Stars With Shopping Carts!

This week’s theme: couples! Isn’t it romantic when twosomes shops together? (Apparently for some more than others. Ahem! Kate Bosworth and James Rousseau).

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (no surprise: Ange is pushing the cart):


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner:


Kate Bosworth and James Rouseau (who gets this hot and bothered in a grocery store?):


Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen:


Lena Headley and musician beau Peter Paul:


Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo:


Not to be outdone by Nick’s ex Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo:


Until next time, happy shopping!

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