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A quick round-up

Here are stories I found interesting and you might, too:

* Wall Street Journal piece on the chemicals in household cleaners.

* Showtime wisely passes on insulting, asinine L-Word spinoff.

* I feel sorry for this Graffiti Girl who’s facing serious hard time. Am I a sap?

* Kooky Cloris Leachman and Gene Hackman had “epic sex”? Weird.

* She’s gonna play Judy Garland?!

* Artist Justine Lai paints realist portraits of herself having sex with U.S. presidents.

* Wow, talk about old meets new: Modernist architect Frank Gehry has been picked to design an Eisenhower monument in D.C.

This year’s final “Stars With Shopping Carts”!

Welcome to the final “Stars With Shopping Carts” of 2008! Let’s make it epic. This week’s theme: people with problems.


Here’s closet smoker and criminal lover Anne Hathaway laughing uproariously, hopefully with the woman next to the shopping cart. If Anne’s alone, she has more burdens than we know:


A new shot of America’s Sweetheart, Shannen Doherty:


Britney’s papa, Jamie Spears, being remarkably frugal with his daughter’s dough:


A career-less Nick Lachey (with soon-to-be-ex gal pal Vanessa Minnillo):


Unstable reality television personality (and former supermodel) Janice Dickinson:


Former knife-wielding-bisexual-turned-compulsive-mother Angelina Jolie:


“Sad” rehabber Kirsten Dunst:

Here’s to 2009 and another year of “Stars With Shopping Carts”!

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