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Art vigilantes paint over illegal billboards

From Consumerist:

A big bravo to the authentic graffiti artists in NYSAT or New York Street Advertising Takeover. These folks are going around the city and painting over corporate street art ads – yes, illegal graffiti ads created by corporations who want to appear “hep.”


In some cases NYSAT is replacing the ads with original street art and in others (see photo above) they’re simply painting the word “Delete.”

Here’s an incensed blog post about the phenomenon of corporate street ads in New York and an earlier Consumerist post about the blight of these ads in Los Angeles.

If you want to read more about guerilla and “underground” advertising tactics corporations are using to market to hipsters and young people, or if you just want to be scared shitless about advertising’s infiltration into every facet of our lives, pick up a copy of Anne Elizabeth Moore‘s incendiary Unmarketable: Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing and the Erosion of Integrity (New Press, $15.95).

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